Blue Bottle Love/ Symbluology project making bottle slings

Blue Bottle Love is an astounding group that is creating transformative products.

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The Blue Glass bottles are handmade in Italy and sandblasted here in the United States.

Once you have one you will never need to buy a harmful plastic bottle again.

In order to make these glass bottles easier to transport during daily activity, Blue Bottle Love came to Ecologic Designs to produce a custom made product that reinforces the positive aspects of not buying water bottles but also helps align Blue Bottle Love’s corporate mission and value towards sustainability and extending the life cycle of products.

Ecologic Designs used sturdy climbing ropes and innertubes from bikes as upcyclable materials to create custom carriers for glass bottles.

Kayden Radhe is the owner of Blue Bottle Love and After Sea Aesthetics and pours her heart into each and every product she makes by hand!

So ditch that nasty plastic and try a worthwhile investment in bpa-free, non-toxic, leak-proof, bottles that are healthy for our bodies and the Earth.

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