Bohemian Foundation Turns Program Banners into Reusable Tote Bags

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Bohemian Foundation’s mission is to strengthen communities by empowering  citizens through educational opportunities and building relationships. Inspired from the Bohemian movement from the 19th century of Europe, the Bohemian Foundation uses programs that focus on community, music, global, and civic engagement. For example, their Global Programs funds entrepreneurs and organizations that are working to maintain a sustainable and scalable business model.

The Bohemian Foundation has recently made another step toward strengthening communities by starting a project with Ecologic Designs to upcycle old banners displaying maps into new reusable tote bags.


  • Designs unique to the Bohemian Foundation
  • Quality vinyl material
  • Durable straps

If this story inspires you, learn more about how to start a custom project here

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