Cafe Coco Promotes Upcycle Movement With Stylish Personalized Burlap Coffee Bags

Cafe Coco has been around for decades and has made itself a staple of the Nashville food and entertainment scene. Open 24/7 year round, Cafe Coco is like a friend you can always call on for a little comfort (food) and a good listen (live music). Known to provide its patrons with some of the best coffee in Nashville, it seemed fitting to think outside the box and towards the source when thinking of ideas for stylish new merchandise. They decided on personalized “Cafe Coco” burlap bags made out of upcycled coffee bags (and we couldn’t agree more).

These bags are a conscious reminder to their fans in Nashville and beyond, that even though they work hard to keep Cafe Coco open everyday of the year, they still find time to make positive contributions to reducing unnecessary waste by supporting the upcycling movement.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Personalized “Cafe Coco” logo print on both sides.

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