Conservatory of Flowers Turns Past Exhibit Banners Into Trendy Bags

One of the oldest and most beloved attractions in San Francisco, the Conservatory of Flowers, has captivated its guests for years with its abundant displays of exotic plants within Eco-Friendly environments.  The Conservatory offers educational events and even a wedding venue where participants are able to connect with the surrounding plant exhibits. This enables the community and visitors to learn valuable knowledge about things such as current horticulture and gardening trends, and thus influences a new generation passionate about connecting people and the environment.

The Conservatory uses repurposed materials to create its “living walls” and has recently taken its trend of using repurposed materials further by upcycling its used exhibit event banners into new stylish reusable and durable bags.


  • Large size, able to accomodate a full days worth of refreshments.
  • Thoughtful design, incorporates and promotes mission to connect people with plants and nature.
  • Durable straps

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