Custom Aveda Cosmetics Belt by Ecologic Designs and Fairware

Aveda was looking to align its company values towards a responsible, environmentally conscious way of representing itself. Aveda went to Fairware, a group who produces sustainable promotional goods in search of a cosmetic belt that could be used to store salon products and hair brushes.

Fairware contacted Ecologic Designs for collaboration on the cosmetic belt and there couldn’t be a better match of company visions. Fairware looks towards sustainable processes that are found here at Ecologic Designs due to the sourcing of materials and the upcycling process that occurs here in Boulder, Colorado.

Fairware and Ecologic Designs helped in providing a sustainable, custom product that will not only reinforce the corporate values of Aveda, but also intellectually stimulate their audience and promote beneficial change or emotional connections to environmental values.

We were proud to do work for Fairware and Aveda, and hope that  many more sustainable products will be desired in the future!

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