Eco-Products Cup Holder Keeps Bio Plastic Cups Safe from the Sun

Eco-Products is another Boudler based company that we really enjoy working with. For years now they’ve been pioneers in sustainable disposables, innovating in a field that directly impacts consumer waste habits throughout the country. They supply a variety of industries with biopolymer and post consumer recycled cups, containers, lids, utensils and more. Ultimately, they recognize that in our consumer driven culture, disposable products are a convenience that’s not going away anytime soon. Therefor, finding increasingly sustainable material solutions may have a more valuable impact.

“We are not a disposable products company trying to act green, we’re a green company who happens to work in disposables”.

During the summer months in Colorado it can get exceedingly hot. So hot in fact, that the team at Eco Products discovered it was having an effect on biopolymer cups when left exposed to the sun, awaiting use. Knowing the importance of a cold beverage in July, Eco Products came to us with an idea to create a shade structure and cup dispenser in one.

Voila! no more flimsy cups!

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