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Simple Energy, a local Boulder company, is looking to revolutionize energy consumption, and ultimately save us money from inefficiency. Simple Energy utilizes a streamlined, intuitive, adaptable program to motivate individuals to reduce their impact on the climate.

Normative comparisons, social norms, rewards, loss aversion and goal setting are all employed to increase motivation and reduce energy-waste.

The program learns over time how to better handle what individuals are asking of it using micro-targeted communications– becomming more aware of what drivers motivate different users, and how to maximize those interests for sustained engagement and waste reduction.

Creating sustained involvement can be difficult.
Simple Energy shatters that problem. The dashboard is straightforward and community engagement is as simple as logging on.

Consumption Metrics as well as an up to date timeline for changes in efficiency (ideally reductions in waste!) require no calculations due to Big-data Analytics, and are provided in concise terms allowing one of the best- and most engaging aspects of the experience- The Leaderboards.

SImple energy Leaderboards

Leaderboards are populated with those individuals who are running the Simple Energy program, and foster engagement through healthy competition to be the #1 energy saver.

Rewards are earned for reductions in energy and installation of energy-efficient appliances. Achievements have been proven through behavioral sciences to spur increased involvement and motivation for people to be as efficient as possible.

Rewards can be accumulated and used in an online portal for consumer shopping goods (additional efficient appliances?reinforcing brand equity and recognition, as well as customer loyalty to businesses that recognize commitments to reduce energy consumption

Get involved with Simple Energy‘s mission to maximize efficiency here:

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