Smartwool Rebrands and Chooses to Upcycle By Turning Old Expo Tents into New Merchandise

Ecologic Designs is happy to announce the completion of another project with Smartwool. After rebranding their logo, colors and style, Smartwool had lots of old expo and event tents and banners that they didn’t want going to the landfill. The obvious choice was to upcycle the banners and tents into products. For these particular banners and tents, Ecologic Designs and Smartwool created travel kits.

We produced 5500 travel kits from 8250 square feet of material. This tent nylon, mainly a polyester blend, experienced its first life as banners and expo tents used at trade shows, events and promotions and now has been upcycled into branded and practical travel kits for Smartwool customers.

There are so many ways to repurpose materials and many materials that can be upcycled. Ecologic Designs is here to aid in that process! Click here to start your own project.

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