Subaru’s “Tour Of Utah” Collects Old Tubes & Gives Away Zippered Pouches

Subaru hosts many events for mountain bikers. We collaborated with them to produce 1500 zippered pouches that were handed out to participants who chose to take advantage of the bicycle tube collection bins at the event. By turning in old tubes, they not only diverted waste from the landfill but got to take home an upcycled, zippered pouch!

What’s truly incredible is that six zippered pouches can be produced from each upcycled bicycle tube. The success of the event means that hundreds of tubes were collected at Tour Of Utah and can now be upcycled into zippered pouches, backpacks, messenger bags, wallets, belts, and travel kits!

Companies like Subaru are creating a more sustainable future by giving adventurous, outdoorsy folks the opportunity to reduce landfill waste. All they had to do was bring their old tubes to the event and place them in the collection bins.

There are so many ways to repurpose materials and many materials that can be upcycled. Ecologic Designs is here to aid in that process! Click here to start your own project.

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