TradeWinds Drainable Totes Made from Upcycled Billboard Mesh For Luxury Sailboat Passengers

TradeWinds is your first choice in luxury sailboat charters. With crews in the Carribean, Central America and Europe, these barons of the high sea deliver unparralleled comfort and adventure for small groups looking for a once-in-a-lifetime oceanic experience.

We were contacted by TradeWinds to make a number of high quality, upcycled totes made from repurposed mesh advertisements. Since TradeWinds customers spend a lot of time in or around the ocean, these totes needed the added functionality of a drainable material, hence the mesh.

Each new passanger aboard their flaship fleet will be greeted with a unique, upcycled tote upon entering their individual cabins. These should help keep beach belongings in one place and allow the elements to pass as needed.

  • Made from 100% Upcycled mesh advertisement
  • Custom TradeWinds logo with variable color coordination
  • Breathable and Drainable mesh material lets water out and air in.
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