Worn Wear Bins Made from Patagonia Waders

Ecologic Designs was pleased to partner again with Patagonia and its environmentally astute Worn Wear program. This program keeps technical gear in action longer through repair and reuse, and recycles garments when they’re beyond repair. In this case, Patagonia upcycled unusable waders in order to make receptacles for worn wear to be collected in store.

Ecologic Designs produced 125 bins for Patagonia: enough bins for every retail location. Two pairs of waders were required for each bin. Ecologic Designs applauds Patagonia for their continual commitment to sustainability and upcycling. There are so many ways to repurpose materials and many materials that can be upcycled. Ecologic Designs is here to aid in that process! Click here to start your own project.

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